Jon Schultz
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The brand strategy behind a $900MM brand valuation. — The social activation behind "Share A Coke" 2017 short-listed for a Cannes Lion. — The camera behind six VSCO selections for honor and distinction. — The pitch strategy that won the 4A's Institute of Advanced Advertising Studies Chicago challenge. — The art activation that raised over $5,000 for a homeless shelter with no budget. 

Brand Strategy

I engineer empathy to drive behavior change for brands, teams, and communities. I’ve led strategic planning for starts and Fortune 500 brands across retail, hardlines, CPG, QSR, professional services, online travel, and eCommerce.


Social Impact

From leading community outreach programs at an ad agency to consulting with dozens of non-profits in Chicago and beyond, it's been a staple of my career to take the skills behind communications planning and apply them to creating social value. 


Photo Ethnography

I believe that the best way to understand the people of the world is to live among them. Maps, data, and camera in hand, I’ve explored unique corners of the country and the world to explore both what makes us unique and brings us together, across nature and culture.



Musings and philosophies used to mentor and lead teams through strategic thinking.